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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly am I committing to as a leader of a FaithRx group?

As a leader, you would be committing to gather a group of interested healthcare professionals and prepare for and lead each meeting. Preparation would include watching the video in advance and also prioritizing the discussion questions.

What exactly am I committing to as a participant in a FaithRx group?

Participants would be committing to being present for meetings unless providentially hindered, whole-hearted consideration of the video lessons, transparency in recognizing areas for improvement, and a willingness to share successes and challenges with other group members.

Can several of us share leading the group?

Sharing the leadership of the group with another interested Christian healthcare professional is totally fine! The leaders will have access to the Leader’s Guide, which would give proposed answers to the discussion questions. 

How do I access FaithRx videos?

Go to – click on the FaithRx button.  Viewers will need to “purchase” the series, but the cost is 0 for members and $49.95 for non-members.

What are the videos about?

Core Videos 1-10

  1. Faith Prescriptions Introduction, William Griffin, DDS
  2. The Case For Practicing Medicine Christianly, Farr Curlin, MD
  3. Keeping It Natural, Patti Francis, MD
  4. Taking a Spiritual History, Andrew Wai, MD
  5. Spiritual Interventions, Jacob Greuel, MD
  6. Staying On Schedule, Selina Lin, MD
  7. Praying With and For Patients, Mike Chupp, MD
  8. Sharing the Good News, Cathie Scarbrough, MD
  9. Will Our Patients Listen?, Francis Nuthalapaty, MD
  10. Considerations For the Medically Underserved, David & Janet Kim, MD

Additional Videos 11-25

  1. Training Segment for Medical & Dental Students, Cathie Scarbrough, MD
  2. Good News For the LGBTQ Culture, Jennifer Kang, MD
  3. Addiction and The Good News, Timothy Allen, MD
  4. Abstinence Counselling, Selina Lin, MD
  5. Not For Dentists Only, Kevin Aduddell, DDS
  6. Good News Academically Speaking, Jonathan Tsai, MD
  7. The Case For Practicing Medicine Christianly - Part 2, Farr Curlin, MD
  8. Practicum Makes Perfect, Jacob Greuel, MD
  9. Hope in Depression, Thomas Okamoto, MD
  10. Caring for Refugees and Immigrants, Andrew & Esther, MD
  11. Communicating the Gospel Internationally, Scott, MD
  12. Race Relations: Crossing the Divide, Omari Hodge, M
  13. For Educators: Equipping Students and Residents, Francis Nuthalapaty, MD
  14. End-of-Life Care, Kathryn Butler, MD
  15. The 3D Gospel in Healthcare, Stephen Ko, MD
What will each meeting involve?

We suggest showing one video per meeting, then following that up by addressing the suggested discussion questions. The first and last questions are most critical, along with any other questions that time permits. Prayer before and after the study would also be vital.

How long are the videos?

Each video is approximately 15 minutes long.

How long should the meetings be?

Total estimated meeting time could be 60 minutes, more or less.

Should I as the leader watch the video beforehand?

It would be good for ALL group members to watch the video beforehand, but as the leader it would be especially helpful, so that you can be ready to moderate discussion. Also, you will want to familiarize yourself with the discussion questions and the proposed answers provided in the Leader’s guide.

How often should we meet?

Some groups meet weekly, others once a month – the frequency depends on participants’ schedules.

Who should I invite?

This series is designed for health care professionals of every sort – physicians, dentists, nurses, hygienists, PAs, NPs, etc. – who are seeking to walk with Jesus. Non-Christians could benefit also, but they should know in advance that the material has been developed on the foundation of the Christian faith.

How do I tell them about FaithRx?

A personal invitation is the very best way, either in person or by phone. If there is some level of interest, then an email could be sent to give them additional resources, such as the article on FaithRx in the 2021 Fall edition of CMDA Today.

Once we’ve watched the first 10 core videos, then what?

The ten core videos are for everyone in healthcare. The additional videos are more applicable to some areas of healthcare than to others, so the group would decide which of the remaining videos would be most appreciated by the group. The current plan is for two additional videos to be released each month until they are all available.

What benefits should I hope to receive through group participation in this series?

Active participation could enable group members to become more aware of how they can easily minister to their patients’ spiritual needs. Their own health careers can become more meaningful as their care extends beyond the physical realm, and they may very well enjoy the privilege of seeing spiritual birth and growth in their patients and colleagues. To God be the glory!


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