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Episode 12 Now Available!

Just released, the 12th episode of the Faith Prescriptions training series is now available, free to CMDA members in the CMDA Learning Center! Many of us find it difficult to address spiritual issues with patients whose lifestyles are significantly different from our own. Jesus is a powerful example for us in His willingness to leave the comforts of heaven behind, in order to rescue us from our inappropriate lifestyle. We have far more in common with the LGBTQ community than we might first realize. Everyone struggles with identity issues, and our ability to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with others is directly related to finding our identity in Christ.

Faith Prescriptions is free to CMDA members and simply requires your member login and password to access all sessions, as well as all video training sessions within the CMDA Learning Center. If you are ready to get started, click here:

Faith Prescriptions is available to non-members for a fee. However, to watch the free introduction session simply requires you to create a free CMDA account. Follow the prompts to create your profile and look for the email to confirm, then click here: